BOARD & Train

Your dog can stay in the home of one of our Professional Dog Trainers
full-time to receive daily training and exercise.

Our Board & Train program involves assessment and training planning for your dog during their stay. We put the time in training on a daily basis then work with you privately 1-to-1 to transfer the skills.

Why Board & Train?

Whether a busy schedule is the challenge, you are away from home and your dog needs boarding and training, or you have a dog that is displaying complex behaviour and requires more intensive training, this program may be for you.

Typically the board and train program is for a period of at least 2-4 weeks to ensure there is adequate time to observe and intervene. The focus and cost of the program will depend on the needs of your dog as well as your goals for a training program.

Some common reasons people use Board & Train:

  • Complex behaviour concerns including: Resource guarding, reactive aggression, aggressive behaviours to people or dogs, and other forms of comprehensive rehabilitation.

  • Travel or away from home for a longer period of time and want us to work on behaviour, obedience issues, and/or maintain training.

  • Physical/mobility limitations making it difficult for one to work on obedience or behavioural issues

Private training is required with his program as it is important to ensure you learn the techniques to continue working on the training goals

Program Cost depends on the needs and length of time recommended.

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We Would Love To Train With You

Reach out to us to ask any questions or problem-solve which training program may be best for you and your dog. We can discuss your concerns and training goals and come up with a plan together. Contact us here.


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Customer Reviews


The online course has been so helpful. My dog gets fear reactive on walks and barks at other dogs. The class has given us the tools we need to make progress. I love that it is all positive training. Highly recommend!

Kaela King


It is like Netflix for dog training. Steffi seems so genuine, inspiring, and authentic person... and of course, her dog training videos are top-notch! Cookie has already learned so much

Philip Horton


took the "Coming When Called" online class, then after that "Focus In Public". Wow! For the first time ever, I think my dog actually thinks that I am more fun than other dogs, people or how the bushes smell. He comes running now when I call, and we even mastered heeling for short periods in our busy city center. Lovely instructions that are positive and make training a GAME

Olia Kaminskaya




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